E2 Visa Life Insurance Eligibility

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We can help you get E2 visa life insurance if you’re in the United States and have an E2 visa. Not all insurance companies allow immigrants with E2 visas to apply for life insurance.

You should work with a life insurance agency that specializes in E2 visa life insurance and immigrant life insurance. For a free quote, fill out the quote form on this webpage, and we will get working on life insurance quotes for you.

E2 visa life insurance protects your spouse, partner, or loved ones while you are in the United States and abroad. It allows your life to be insured while in the United States and traveling back to your native country. Life insurance will provide an important financial safety to your family should the worst happen to you someday.


What is an E2 visa?

An E2 treaty trader visa is a visa for immigrants that allows foreign nationals of a treaty nation to enter the United States to correct and develop businesses and operations of the enterprise they have invested in, or are investing significant capital within the United States. All business must be for correcting and/or developing operations in the United States.

E2 visa eligibility

There are several suitability requirements for an immigrant to be eligible for an E2 visa:

  • The entrepreneur must be from a treaty country and be investing substantial funds and United States-based enterprise.
  • Nationals from treaty countries may be eligible if entering the United States to develop and direct investments from an approved treaty country.
  • Nationals of treaty countries must be actively involved, or in the process of, investing substantial capital in the United States. They must also be developing or directing the operations of the enterprise in which they are investing.
  • E2 visa holders’ immediate family members are eligible.
  • Companies in treaty countries are eligible to send key personnel to manage United States affiliate businesses or branch offices.
  • Companies in treaty countries are eligible to send managers, staff, and personnel to set up a United States-based company.

Benefits of an E2 visa

  • You may legally work in the United States for a US-based company that is the subject of foreign investment.
  • You may travel in and out of the United States on an unrestricted basis if you hold an E2 visa.
  • You may stay in the United States on a prolonged basis with Unlimited two years extensions if your E2 visa status is maintained.

E2 visa requirements

To qualify for an E2 treaty investor visa in the United States you must meet these requirements:

  1. You must be a national of a country that maintains treaties of navigation with the United States and treaties of commerce with the United States.
  2. You must invest in a substantial portion of a business. Your investments must be substantial enough to ensure the successful operation of a business enterprise. Low cost business investments generally require a higher percentage of the business investment, and higher cost business enterprises often require a lower percentage business investment.
  3. Your investments must be a legitimate operating commercial enterprise or business. Speculative or passive investments do not qualify for E2 visa status. Uncommitted funds within bank accounts will not be investments.
  4. The business investment must be capable of generating more income than just providing a living for you or your family members. Generally, your business investment must have a significant economic impact within the United States.
  5. You must have control of the funds to operate the business and bear the risk of investment. You must control the funds, and your investment must be at risk from a commercial business standpoint. Loans secured with assets of the investment business enterprise may not be considered at risk.

Other E2 visa considerations

Spouses of E2 visa holders are eligible to accept employment in the United States after obtaining an employment authorization document.

Other “E” visas

We can help you or loved ones with E1 visa life insurance, E2 visa life insurance, or E3 visa life insurance. They differ in their application, but all visa holders benefit from having life insurance while in the United States.


While purchasing E2 life insurance may seem overwhelming at first, we make the process easy. Protecting your family or business is one of the most important things you will do in your lifetime.

It’s important to get it right; we are experts in helping E2 visa holders and foreign nationals get the affordable protection they need.

Call us today at (888) 630-9422 and we will find you the best life insurance protection for your needs.


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