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Can an illegal immigrant get life insurance is a common question for those who have entered the United States without proper paperwork. Without proper paperwork and documentation, just about everything you do in the United States will be more difficult. Getting illegal immigrant life insurance doesn’t have to be one of them.

Illegal immigrant life insurance is a life insurance policy issued to an illegal immigrant who would otherwise not be able to qualify for a traditional life insurance plan. It offers the same benefits as US Citizen life insurance but allows those who are in the United States illegally to purchase life insurance coverage.

The insurance companies’ primary goal when issuing a life insurance policy is to understand the financial risk that the person they are insuring presents to their business. The less they know about you, the less likely they will offer you life insurance.

If you are looking for life insurance and are an illegal immigrant with no documentation, ITIN, or green card, you cannot get life insurance (at the time this article was written).

If you have an ITIN number, there are insurance companies we do business with that will allow you to purchase life insurance. If you have a green card, our list of life insurance companies that we work with that will accept you gets much larger.

Is my illegal immigrant life insurance different than a US citizen’s life insurance?

There is no difference! It is wonderful that some insurance companies understand the contribution that immigrants make to our economy and the industrial success of the United States. Here are some of the incredible benefits your immigrant life insurance will allow:

You can name your beneficiaries

You will likely name your spouse or partner as your primary beneficiary. If you need life insurance for business, you would have another business partner or owner as the primary beneficiary.

Your children are typically named as secondary beneficiaries.

Pays a death benefit for any death

If you die from illness or accident, your life insurance policy will pay your beneficiaries.

Your death benefit is tax-free

There are no taxes on life insurance payouts. Because you paid for the policy with pretax dollars, and it is a private agreement between you and the insurance company, you have no tax obligation on any life insurance payouts.

This means if you have a $100,000 life insurance policy, it will pay your beneficiary $100,000, tax-free.

It’s portable

You can keep your life insurance policy if you move around the United States, or even if you move to another country. As long as the insurance company approves your life insurance paperwork and application, you will have valid life insurance anywhere you travel.

We are big believers in life insurance and are excited there are insurance companies who feel that immigrants should be able to purchase life insurance for their loved ones, families, and businesses.

Why is it important to have life insurance if I am an immigrant?

We feel immigrants are especially at risk if a spouse or partner dies unexpectedly. As an immigrant to the United States, you will likely have few family members near to help your family should you die unexpectedly.

Also, just getting started in the United States means you probably do not have adequate financial reserves should an emergency happen. Should that emergency happen and you die unexpectedly, your family will be left behind in a terrible financial situation.

Many immigrants we help work in dangerous occupations such as construction, transportation, or jobs that involve strenuous physical activity. Because blue-collar workers are exposed to more hazardous work environments than white-collar workers, the chance you will die in a work-related accident is much higher.

An illegal immigrant life insurance policy will help your family survive financially should the worst happen while you are at work.

Why do insurance companies care about my immigration status?

By entering the country illegally, you are violating the immigration laws of the United States. The borders of the United States have been porous for many years. Getting across the United States-Mexico border has been very successful for many.

With the change in the presidency and unknown immigration policies, coming into the United States from Mexico is a much riskier process. However, the people in the United States already have less to worry about unless the United States current immigration stance changes.

What that means for an illegal immigrant, is if they have an ITIN number, we can get them illegal immigrant life insurance if they fall within age and health limitations of the carrier’s insurance policy requirements. If you have a green card, there are even more insurance companies we can get you life insurance through if you fall within the age and health limitations of the carrier’s insurance policy requirements.

If you are in the United States illegally, with no documentation whatsoever, you will not be able to get life insurance. The insurance companies won’t have enough information about you to know if you are a good risk for them to accept your life insurance application.

Think about it – the insurance company doesn’t know your medical information, they don’t know how long you will be in the US, they don’t know how much time you will spend out of the US, you may not have a doctor or any medical records in the United States, and you may not have any documentable income.

Insurance companies will need some documentation to accept you for a life insurance policy. Life insurance without a Social Security Number is possible. An ITIN number is a minimum requirement for life insurance at this time. Other documentation considered:

Medical records

If you came to the United States from another country with a serious illness such as cancer, leukemia, or type I diabetes, the insurance company would have no record of your medical problem.

Many countries’ hospital records systems do not adequately document health issues for patients. In some countries, rural makeshift hospitals treat illnesses but don’t keep records.

The insurance companies will want some medical records to understand your health and physical condition.

Criminal history

Although you may not have a criminal history in the country you immigrated from, immigrating into the United States without permission and documentation is a crime. Insurance companies view people who have been actively involved in a criminal act(s) to be a poor life insurance risk.

That is why insurance companies require that you have an ITIN number for life insurance acceptance. It is the minimum legal document necessary to get life insurance in the United States.

Why would an insurance company be worried about my illegal immigration status for life insurance?

An underground industry in the United States provides false documents for illegal immigrants. Often, the counterfeit copies are very poor quality. There are, however, high-quality counterfeit documents created that are difficult to tell from legal documents.

Here are some documents that are often counterfeited:

  • Social Security cards
  • Green cards
  • Drivers licenses
  • Employment paperwork
  • Electric and utility bills
  • Deeds

Your insurance agent will want to make sure you have valid identification and documentation before submitting your life insurance application to an insurance company. It is a crime for an insurance agent to submit documents based on false information.

Your insurance agent will not want to be held as an accessory to a federal crime; make sure you have the proper documents in place before applying for life insurance!

What is the process of getting life insurance for an illegal immigrant?

Your first step is making sure you have an ITIN, green card, or Social Security card. If you have any of these, we can help you shop around for life insurance.

The next steps are:

1. Get quotes

It is critical you work with an expert in immigration life insurance. Most regular life insurance agents cannot help you due to lack of experience, or lack of insurance carriers that will offer life insurance coverage to illegal immigrants, ITIN cardholders, or green card holders.

If you do not currently have an ITIN number, we cannot help you at this time to purchase illegal immigrant life insurance coverage.

2. Choose a medical or nonmedical life insurance policy option

Depending on your immigration status, we may have the choice of applying for a nonmedical or fully underwritten medical life insurance policy.

Nonmedical policies offer quicker approval with minimal health questions.

Fully underwritten life insurance policies require more health and lifestyle information, and a short medical examination that could include blood and urine testing. We can help you understand your best options.

3. Sign the paperwork

After we find the right illegal immigrant life insurance plan for you, we will fill out a short questionnaire and get it off to the insurance company for approval. We can often get your signature via email or an authorization over the phone.

Your information is safe with the insurance company, and it is not shared with any government agency. A life insurance contract is a private agreement between a business and an individual; the government is not involved in this transaction.

Your information is also safe with us. We never disclose any personal information to any private individual or government entity. Seeking life insurance and policy approval is a private matter between you and us; we will never give your information out to anybody!

4. Get approved

After the insurance company has verified and accepted your residency status, health information, and other information, your policy will be approved. Congratulations! Your family, home, business, and assets are protected after you take one more step…

5. Pay your insurance premium

Your illegal immigrant life insurance policy will be active after you have paid your first premium. When we submit your life insurance paperwork to the insurance company, we will specify when your policy will start and when you would like to be billed each month going forward.

You will have the option of paying monthly, quarterly, semiannually, or yearly; most people choose the monthly payment method as it is easy to fit in their budget each month.

How do I file a life insurance application?

At immigrant life insurance, we will help you do this. The first part is getting personal information from you. We often need your name, address, any past addresses, your current occupation, and how long you have worked there.

We would also need your ITIN, green card, or Social Security card information.

We will then answer basic questions about your health. You should respond to these questions truthfully. If you don’t answer them honestly, and you die, the insurance company may conduct an investigation and finds out you lied on your application, meaning your death benefit will not be paid to your beneficiaries.

The insurance company will want to know if you are a smoker, your height, weight, past illness(es), current treatment for illness(es), and other medical questions. We make this easy for you and help you get through this process quickly.

Some serious illnesses or physical problems will make it difficult for you to get life insurance. If you have a terminal disease, are disabled, or have drug or alcohol addiction problems, it will be difficult to get life insurance until these conditions improve.

What happens next?

We will submit your application to the insurance company, and they will check your records and health information with a medical organization that keeps track of all these records.

As long as all your information is correct and acceptable to the insurance company, you will be issued an illegal immigrant life insurance policy within 1 to 4 weeks (depending on the insurance company).


An illegal immigrant life insurance policy will help your family survive financially should the worst happen while you are at work.

Most immigrants will never have $50,000-$250,000 in their bank accounts for an emergency. Most immigrants, however, can afford to pay one or two dollars a day for life insurance that will pay their family, loved ones, or business partners up to $250,000 when they die. Life insurance is an important financial safety net for both US citizens and immigrants to the United States.

An illegal immigrant life insurance policy is available if you have an ITIN, Green Card, or Social Security Number. We are uniquely qualified to help you get the life insurance you want and deserve so that you spouse, partner, family, or business will be protected when you die. Call us today at (888) 630-9422 for more information.


We work with immigrants, visa holders, and undocumented individuals across the nation to secure the best life insurance rates.

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