Life Insurance For Permanent Residents

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If you’re looking for life insurance for permanent residents (green card holders), you’ve come to the right place. If you are a permanent resident, getting life insurance will be much easier than getting life insurance as a non-resident.

Having permanent resident life insurance assures your family, your home, and your business are protected should you die unexpectedly. Having life insurance in place will be an important financial safety net for your family and loved ones.

Can green card holders and permanent residents get life insurance?

The good news is you are eligible for the same life insurance products that US citizens may purchase; you will get the life insurance best rates with the best companies in the United States.

We excel at helping immigrants get the best pricing on life insurance in the United States. We routinely help families, where each family member may have a different immigration status. One spouse may have permanent resident status, and another spouse may be on a work visa or only have an ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number).

These situations are troublesome for other life insurance agencies, who are not experts in immigration life insurance and non-resident life insurance.

What kind of life insurance can I get if I’m a permanent resident?

You can purchase term life insurance, whole life insurance, universal life insurance, indexed universal life, and variations of all the previously mentioned.

What kind of insurance is recommended if I’m a permanent resident?

Every family has different needs, every family is in a different situation, and every family has different budget considerations. We help you understand your options and select a life insurance policy that will best fit your needs and budget. Here are some of the life insurance options you will have available as a permanent resident:

Term life insurance for permanent residents- this is the most affordable form of life insurance available. It comes in 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 year term periods (and more). Term life insurance for permanent residents offers the flexibility of term length, coverage amount (face value), and premium amount.

Term insurance is not available to some individuals with moderate to serious health problems.

For most individuals and families, term life insurance is an ideal choice.

We have access to the best companies and the best rates in the United States for term life insurance.

Whole life insurance for permanent residents

If you have financial obligations that extend throughout a lifetime or are a more sophisticated investor trying to protect property against estate taxes, then whole life insurance is a great fit.

Whole life insurance may also be a better choice for elderly individuals or people with moderate to serious health complications.
Whole life insurance is an ideal solution in these cases. Whole life insurance is also used for final expense coverage to pay for funeral costs.

We have access to the best companies and the best rates in the United States for whole life insurance.

Universal life insurance for permanent residents

Universal life insurance combines features of term insurance and whole life insurance that provide a lifetime of life insurance coverage. Universal life insurance pricing is between term life insurance and whole life insurance rates. This makes it more affordable to people who would like lifetime insurance coverage.

Is life insurance money taxed?

No. When the insured passes away, the family or beneficiaries will receive the life insurance proceeds tax-free. This assures you get the maximum benefit for your premium dollars invested.

Who can be the beneficiary for permanent resident life insurance?

The policy owner determines who the life insurance beneficiary will be. For most married couples or partners, it will be the surviving spouse or loved one. You will choose who your primary and secondary beneficiaries will be when you sign-up for life insurance. You can change beneficiaries at any time.

Why should a permanent resident buy life insurance?

Many permanent residents are in the United States and separated from their families. With no family to fall back on in emergencies, permanent resident families are particularly at risk, especially when it comes to finances.

With no family members to follow back on, when a loved one dies, the surviving family members often cannot afford to pay their bills. And affordable life insurance policy for green card holders and permanent residents assures the financial stability of those left behind.

Can I get life insurance if I’m not a permanent resident?

Yes, in most cases. If you are not a permanent resident with an ITIN, then we can help you get life insurance in the United States.

This should be exciting news because very few insurance agencies have access to insurance companies that offer life insurance to nonpermanent residents.

We are experts in permanent resident, nonpermanent resident, and immigrant life insurance.

How can Immigrant Life Insurance help me get the best life insurance rates?

We have access to the top insurance companies in the United States and the insurance expertise to help you select the best plan, based on your financial needs, age, and health history.

We specialize in helping permanent residents get the best pricing and life insurance policies available.


We work with immigrants, visa holders, and undocumented individuals across the nation to secure the best life insurance rates.

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