Life Insurance For Mexican Citizens In The USA

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Life insurance for Mexican citizens is just as important as life insurance for American citizens. Life insurance is an important financial safety net for families and businesses in the United States.

The United States has traditionally had inconsistent immigration rules and regulations and a relatively porous border. The United States has benefited from Mexican citizens entering the United States for decades. Immigrants to the United States are woven into the fabric of the culture, economy, and success in the United States.

Many Mexican citizens are searching for life insurance after entering the United States legally and illegally. Mexicans in the American workforce contribute to the success and overall economy in the United States. Because Mexican citizens are working in the United States, purchasing homes, purchasing cars, running businesses, and raising their families in the United States, there is a great need for life insurance protection.

Can I get life insurance if I am a Mexican citizen, but not a United States citizen?

Yes, you can. If you have a green card (permanent resident status), we can help you get approved for the best life insurance products available to United States citizens. This is great news because we will get you the best rates and coverage possible.

Having life insurance in place for your family business is important, but even more important is not to spend more than you have to for this protection.

If you are a Mexican citizen with an ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) looking for life insurance coverage in the United States, we can help you purchase life insurance. We specialize in helping immigrants get the best life insurance pricing with the best life insurance companies. Few insurance companies offer life insurance to Mexican citizens in the United States with ITIN status.

We are one of the few life insurance agencies that have relationships with insurance companies with a favorable view of ITIN individuals; we can help you get life insurance with an ITIN!

If you have no ITIN or green card, we cannot help you at the time this article was written. We always monitor the insurance companies to see if they change their view on Mexican citizen life insurance approval processes. Give us a call to understand your situation, and see if we can help you get life insurance, regardless of your immigration status.

Term life insurance for Mexican citizens

Term life insurance is an ideal product for most Mexican citizens, families, and businesses. Term life insurance policies typically cover 15, 20, 25, and 30-year term lengths. A term life insurance policy for green card holders and a term life insurance policy for ITIN individuals offer flexibility and affordable insurance rates.

We have the option of going with a fully underwritten medical life insurance policy or a non-medical life insurance policy. Fully underwritten medical life insurance policies for Mexican citizens typically take 1 to 2 months for approval. Non-medical life insurance policies for Mexican citizens take 1 to 2 weeks for approval.

Depending on your citizenship status, age, health, financial objectives, personal or business finances, and long-term goals, we will help you understand the best direction to go, either a fully underwritten or non-medical life insurance policy.

Whole life insurance for Mexican citizens

Whole life insurance for Mexican citizens is an ideal product for many families and businesses. Term life insurance is the most popular life insurance product, and whole life insurance is a close second.

The advantage of whole life insurance is you will have coverage for your entire life. Also, your monthly premium and the face amount of your life insurance policy will never change. These policies also build cash value. These features are attractive to many Mexican citizens.

Universal life insurance for Mexican citizens

Universal life insurance for Mexican citizens is an ideal product for many families and businesses. Whole life insurance and universal life insurance are about equal in popularity. Universal life insurance offers lifetime insurance coverage and the flexibility to change your premium payments throughout the life of the policy.

You can contribute less money in your earlier years and more money in your later years to assure your life insurance policy will stand force. You can also pay more money up front in your early years and less money (or even perhaps no money) in your later years.

Life insurance for Mexican foreign nationals

If you are a foreign national, who resides in the United States only part of the year, specific requirements must be met to purchase life insurance.

A foreign national is defined as a citizen of a country other than the United States, not meeting the United States’ qualifications for permanent residency.

Generally, foreign nationals must have a valid US visa, reside in the U.S. for the majority of the year, have meaningful connections/ties to the United States

You can visit our foreign national life insurance guide page for more specifics on Mexican foreign national life insurance.

Disability insurance for Mexican citizens

What does disability insurance have to do with life insurance? Most families will lose their homes and businesses after the death of a loved one; most families will lose their homes and businesses if the primary income producer in the family becomes disabled and is unable to work.

When you’re not working, you’re not making money. When you’re not making money, you can’t pay your bills.

Disability insurance is an important component of any family’s financial plan. Many life insurance policies allow disability plans to be included in your policy. This way, one policy can protect your family against death and disability.

If you already have life insurance or just need disability insurance, we can help you with standalone disability insurance policies to protect your family, assets, and business. The rates are affordable, and the plans offer plenty of flexibility to cover your family and business needs.

What if I am a low-income earner?

Individuals or families with lower income levels are especially at risk should a loved one die or become disabled. Although adding another bill, such as a term life insurance policy or disability policy, may seem counterintuitive, it will make sense if you have a loved one die or become disabled.

Immigrants and Mexican citizens in the United States are at greater risk for financial troubles as they typically have fewer family members or supportive community members to help them should the worst ever happen. This is where a reasonably priced life insurance or disability insurance policy shines.

You don’t have to have a lot of coverage to buy time for your family members or business to figure out what to do. Often having a year or two worth of income replacement is enough to buy your family time to figure out what to do when you’re gone.

Work  With Immigrant Specialists

We recommend you only deal with experts, such as

It is important you also work with an agent/broker with access to many different insurance companies. Some insurance companies have more favorable underwriting and terms of coverage for immigrants and Mexican citizens; finding the best policy need not be a chore. We will do it for you!

Most life insurance agents are competent in providing coverage to United States citizens. Most life insurance agents are not qualified to provide coverage to non-US citizens or citizens who travel abroad.

Don’t trust your life insurance needs to insurance companies who “do it all.” Immigration life insurance policies and Mexican citizen life insurance policies in the United States are unique, and you will need an expert to help you get the best plan at the best price.

We have access to the top insurance companies in the United States and the insurance expertise to help you select the best plan, based on your financial needs, age, and health history.


Life insurance is important for Mexican citizens living in the United States. Many Mexican citizens living and working in the United States do not have employer-provided life insurance, which places their families and businesses at great risk should an unexpected death occur.

Life insurance is an affordable way to protect your family and business should the worst ever happen to you.

At immigrant life insurance, we specialize in helping Mexican citizens and Mexican immigrants in the United States qualify for and get the best rates on life insurance and disability insurance. This is all we do, so we’re great at it.



We work with immigrants, visa holders, and undocumented individuals across the nation to secure the best life insurance rates.

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